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For the third year, Detroit ‘Jive Turkeys’ have launched their 2020 Thanksgiving Food Drive to help feed Detroit families this holiday season!

Given the economic impact of COVID, their goal this year is to feed 200 families  and are seeking grocers to provide bulk or discounted pricing for the groceries and donations from those who would like to support the effort.

Listen to Angie Starr’s informative interview with ‘Jive Turkey’ founder Harry Todd:

2020 Thanksgiving Goal

‘Jive Turkeys’ needs YOUR help. For 2020, the goal is to enlist a grocer to partner with the group and to feed 200 families.

“The group packing and distribution have been adjusted due to COVID, but the need and push are greater than ever,” said founder, Harry Todd.

Here’s How YOU Can Help!

To partner, assist or for more information, visit their Facebook page here or email Harry (Jive Turkeys’ founder) at [email protected]

Click photo for Jive Turkeys video slideshow

The families receiving are chosen from social organizations throughout Metro Detroit.

How it all started… In 2018, founder Harry Todd was in line behind a family in the grocery store. He watched as they struggled to balance the groceries with a limited budget. He stepped in and purchased the groceries, realizing there were probably hundreds of families experiencing the same struggle. As a result, he started a group called ‘Jive Turkeys’ and purchased full Thanksgiving meals for 50 families. “This is not how things should be,” said Todd. “If we are able to help others, it is our responsibility to do so.” Since then, the group has expanded to 150 people, and in 2019, they were able to feed over 100 families!

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