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Get to Know Comedian D’Lai: A Father’s Day Weekend Full of Laughter in Detroit!

Melody Freshhh sat down with Louisiana born comedian D’Lai, fresh off his flight ahead of the trio of shows. As a true daddy’s girl, Melody Freshhh loves spending quality time with her dad, enjoying different experiences all around the city. She can assure you that gut busting laughter is in your future if you go to One Mike Detroit at 8pm tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday night! Full Transcript of Interview D'Lai; I'm all up in y'all city Detroit. Now I'm turnt. You hear me now! Melody Freshhh: Now you said you're turnt, you upset, Why are you upset? D'Lai: I'm glad you asked Melody fresh. You should have been a journalist. Let me tell you something, Detroit. I came here last time, the day before the show. I have 45 tickets sold. The venue holds 305 to 307. If you want to squeeze some more people in to five, more should get an upset. I was upset. I'm down and depressed. Low on my luck. Downtrodden. And then I went to sleep. Hallelujah. And I rose a man from my slumber. Upon rising from my slumber, I receive a text message from my management team telling me that the show had sold out. Melody Freshhh: Joy come in the morning, ok! D'Lai: Yes. *speaks in tongues* Bull. Bull. Cactus. I got row, row, row your boat. And when I found out that it had sold out, I said: ‘oh, Detroit really be on a last minute stuff?’ Melody Freshhh: Yes they do! D'Lai: Hey, Detroit, listen to me. I'm selling out everything. You hear me? Melody Freshhh: Let them know. D'Lai: I mean, everything getting sold out. And I won't apologize because some of y'all was like, why don't we have a show Sunday? And I told you I didn't. But, I stand corrected. Because I am. I'm only human. Oh didn't Jeffrey Osborne said that mistakes happen? I'm only human. Is that Jeffrey? I think he said that. But anyway, I am going to be here for three days. Three shows. Father's Day. We don't want the typical gifts. We want a real gift. Melody Freshhh: Yes! D'Lai: Get your father, your cousin, your brother, your uncle. All of my fathers to come out to see, D'Lai, live. You see me on the internet? Yes, but you got to see that thing in person. You hear me, Miss Fresh? Do you hear me? Come on. Melody Freshhh: Three days! June 14th, 15th, and 16th, 8:00pm. All three days. D’Lai, Josh Adams, Melvin Bender. It's about to be a time. Check out the full interview below!

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