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Mason and Angie Starr Speak With Rev. Horace Sheffield about Be Honored Tonight

Tonight, one of Detroit's finest treasures, Rev. Horace Sheffield, will be honed here in Detroit for 35 years of service in the Detroit community. Horace Sheffield, III, has been an active social activist, a pastor, and a media personality for over three decades. He currently hosts The Wake-Up Call on 92.7 FM/WLQV and Real Talk on WADL as an on-air television personality. Sheffield is also a New Destiny Christian Fellowship pastor and CEO of the Detroit Association of Black Organizations (DABO). Horace L. Sheffield, III, was born in Detroit, Michigan, during the civil rights/labor movement. His father, Horace L Sheffield, Jr, was the president of the Negro American Labor Council (NALC), exposing him to a great model of servant leadership and prophetic societal challenges. Social activism has served as the foundation for many of his efforts throughout his work to make a difference in the black community. Rev Sheffield organization, DABO, helps other organizations develop skills, abilities, and resources that will improve and help keep them sustainable in the ever-changing society we live in today. Its main goal is to influence and enrich the lives of Detroiters. Rev. Sheffield sat down with our very own Mason and Angie Starr to discuss being honored tonight, the location, and the time, saying, "Yes, 7 p .m. 9928 Grand River, the Bridge Center, named after my sister, Dr. Levon M. Sheffield Bridge Center Library, wonderful facility, and Jamal Bryant is going to bring the word." Mason: (Are) you going to speak. as well? Sheffield: I'm going to give you closing remarks. Bishop Clarence Bernard Haddon and Joyce Haddon, who baptized me at 20, will be part of the program. My daughter informed me last night. She's sitting up in the pulpit with us, you know, my daughter preaches. And I told Stephanie to remember that my daughter has to say a word about her daddy tonight." Detroit, celebrate with Rev. Sheffield and his family tonight at 7:00 pm.

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