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Halloween Candy Prices Up

Halloween is only two weeks away. Many households are preparing to hand out pre-packaged Halloween treats to young trick-or-treaters, but the costumes aren't the only thing scaring parents this year. Many consumers are shocked by the price increase of 13% compared to last year in Halloween candy. According to research, the average household will spend around $30 on Halloween candy this year. However, there is a silver lining, there is a way to save a few bucks this season. Some stores variety candy bag prices are as follows: A 120-piece variety pack of Hershey's candy bars costs $10.99 on Amazon. Walmart sells 160-piece "fun packs" for $16.98 (with M&Ms, Snickers, and Twix). Finally, Sams Club sells a 450-piece variety pack of Mars candy bars costs for $26.98. Even though candy costs more this year (and costumes and decorations cost more), most Halloween lovers aren't going to let that stop them from celebrating. This year, 69 percent of consumers plan to participate in Halloween-related activities, which is the highest percentage since before the pandemic, according to the National Retail Federation. Matthew Shay, the president and CEO of the NRF released a statement sayin, "As consumers continue to return to pre-pandemic behaviors, retailers are prepared to meet that demand and help make this holiday a fun and memorable one." Approximately $10.6 billion is expected to be spent over the holiday season, a new record.

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