Melody “Freshhh”

Melody “Freshhh”

Melody “Freshhh”


As a child, Melody noticed she had a knack for making people listen to every word she said. Her love for speaking and creating led her to promoting & hosting events in the metro Detroit area as early as high school. Since then, she has hosted events in several big cities like Atlanta, Chicago & Los Angeles.

After graduating Ferndale High School in 2009, she studied at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, where she was awarded the “Outstanding Talent Award” at graduation in 2010. She also earned her Liberal Arts degree from Oakland Community College in 2013.

Her nickname “Freshhh” was given to her through her passion for fashion & keeping up with fresh content. She loves graphic tees, sky-high heels & dope sneakers. She translated her love for style into The Fresher Brand in 2015, designing one-of-a-kind streetwear for ladies.

Since 2010, Melody has been featured on several radio shows and tv panels including 105.1 The Bounce as well as TMZ. She loves hosting live events, skating parties, & concerts. She is SO excited to be a part of the KISS Crew as a true lover of R&B music and old-school jams.

When she isn’t on-air, she enjoys roller coasters, traveling, good food, watching a Detroit sunset on Belle Isle with her husband and son, and listening to 105.9 KISS-FM!

Instagram: @melodyfreshhh