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America’s Best Chicken Wings Are in Michigan

So, where can you find America's best chicken wings? Tasting Table has published a new tally of the 30 best restaurants to get chicken wings in America. There are so many great options for tasty wings across the country. "The chicken wing has long since earned its place in American culinary lore, going from the oft-overlooked and rejected part of the bird (via Concord Monitor) to a celebrated treat that graces pub menus and five-star dining restaurants alike," they state. They add that, "for many, it all starts with the Buffalo wing." Yum. They also state that the Buffalo wing dates back to 1964. I had no idea it was that old. Chicken wings are such an America dish. If you travel all over America, you'll find so many great spots to enjoy some delicious wings. In Michigan, we're blessed with lots of great chicken wing establishments. As it turns out, one Michigan spot is being honored for its tasty chicken wings. America's Best Chicken Wings Here we go. So, which Michigan spot has among the best, tasty chicken wings in America? It's actually on the west side of the state. West Michigan's Wing Doozy is the pick, offering "fresh, generously-sized wings with all of the traditional fixins," Tasting Table states. They add that if you wish for something unique, try the boneless bites. "Wing Doozy's boneless wings are 100% white meat chicken breast and coated with the same beautiful blend of spices and sauces that you can get with the traditional wings," they write. "While some wing connoisseurs will scoff at the idea of boneless wings, Wing Doozy does them right by making sure that the flavor is on point." Have you been to Wing Doozy, and if you have, did you like it? Find the full tally of America's best chicken wings via Tasting Table here. [select-listicle listicle_id="423731" syndication_name="get-your-cider-fix-16-metro-detroits-cider-mills-to-visit-this-fall" description="no"]

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