AI-Programmed Will Smith Eating Spaghetti is Scary and Mesmerizing

AI may have already reached the point of no return when we have AI-programmed Will Smith eating spaghetti and the spaghetti eating him! According to, an ai program, called Modelscope text2video, generated from a prompt, a video of Will Smith consuming noodles. The video moves unnaturally as you would expect a computer to interpret movement while a blob of noodles writhes into Will’s mouth.

The 20-second video moves like an animated blur as if Lovecraft and Dali had a baby and it turned on the world. AI-generated art/video only increases the effect as it creates eyes in places where eyes shouldn’t be or angles the face in nightmarish ways.

Why Will Smith? Why spaghetti? Sometimes the world and technology just come together to make a 20-second nightmare! Maybe because Will Smith is trending after the Oscar slap? I couldn’t say. But you just can’t stop watching it!

“Where is John Connor?”

There have been many questions as to the usage of AI in the liberal and fine arts. And one of the usual signs of an AI-generated piece is the tiny and sometimes huge, variations. In AI art, the art may have more fingers than normal or parts slightly off. In writing the AI may go off on tangents that a real person would curb or delete all together.

Just recently a AI-generated Seinfeld program became strangely self-aware! The AI-Seinfeld recreated a 60-second show over and over for years. Then one day in February 2023, the characters started to question their existence within the program. Not long after the Twitch show was shut down when the AI Jerry started with transphobic rants.

But have we reached the apex of what could soon be the terminators walking across ash and skulls? Will we need to build a time machine to return to the past to stop this deadly future? Seeing Scarlet Johansson eating spaghetti makes me think “I’m ready for that time machine”


Everyone’s favorite actors! Maybe yours is there…probably not eating spaghetti.

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