DJ Scorpion

DJ Scorpion

DJ Scorpion


Dj Scorpion has a great deal of passion for music; mainly OLDSCHOOL music! Coming from a mother that used to sing before passing away and a father that has his own band, he was destined to be in some type of musical atmosphere. He loves to make people dance and have a good time while they remember the good ole times and memories.

“I am eternally grateful that the good Lord blessed me with a talent to be able to be creative through sound! Thank you to everyone that listens!”

Q&A with DJ Scorpion

If you weren’t in radio, what would you be doing? I would probably be a Police Officer.

Who is your celebrity crush? I would marry Ashanti on site. (I’m talking proposal on the first date)

Describe yourself in three words. Caring, Mature, Realist.

Instagram: @keyondjscorpion