Wine For Beginners: 5 Must-Try Cabs For Under $30! (Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

“Wine for beginners” doesn’t mean you have to buy bad or ridiculously cheap wine! In fact, you can find some delicious, highly-rated wine for under $30 near you!

There’s no denying it, I love wine. However, it took a lot of effort and perseverance to get here. Just like the Princess who had to kiss a bunch of frogs to find her Prince, I had to try some pretty bad wines in order to finally develop a taste for it. I’ve learned some lessons along the way and I’m ready to share them with you here in a quick session I’m calling, “Wine For Beginners: 5 Must-Try Cabs For Under $30.” Let’s dive in.

Wine For Beginners: 5 Must-Try Cabs For Under $30

Enjoying wine doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes a bit of time for your palate to adjust and get used to the taste. However, once it finally clicks there’s truly nothing like a glass of your favorite wine. Just because developing a palate for wine takes time, doesn’t mean you should force feed yourself the cheapest wine you can until you finally develop a taste for it. No, I suggest you use this time to find what you like! Explore!

Go on a Wine Tasting! There are plenty of great spots across Michigan to do it. It makes for an excellent excuse to go visit Up North and places like Traverse City, where you can find some of the best wine on this side of the Mississippi. Personally, I’ve learned through trial and error that I prefer Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s dry, full-bodied, and typically has notes of dark fruit flavors. So, today I’ll be recommending 5 must-try Cabs for under $30. Why? Because that’s what I like and they say stick with what you know.

Sure, you could buy the cheapest wine at your local store. However, it’s not going to taste great. With wine, you tend to get what you pay for. However, you can find some stellar wines for under $30. I don’t think you need to pay much more than that to get a great bottle of wine. I’d also suggest not paying less than $10. You’re unlikely to get anything of quality when you’re buying $8 bottles of wine–not that they don’t have their place. If you’re hosting a wine party and buying bulk, you may need to save a buck or two and sacrifice some quality for quantity. However, if you’re looking for a delicious wine to kick back and watch Jeopardy or have a wine night with friends, here’s what I would recommend.

Here are some wine for beginners that I would recommend. You can find all of these at stores near you for under $30. What’s your favorite? Let us know!

Wine For Beginners: 5 Must-Try Cabs For Under $30

  • Oberon

    Oberon is my favorite wine right now. You can get the Napa Valley, California wine for $21 at Costco and for under $30 at places like Kroger. Without a doubt it’s the best bang for your buck. It tastes like a 3-figure bottle of wine would, I imagine. There’s just nothing like it. It’s like velvet on the tongue. That’s the best way I can describe it. If you’re looking to get into wine, or already are and are looking for a new bottle, this would be my first recommendation.

  • Joel Gott

    When I’m looking for value, I turn to Joel Gott. It’s typically only, like, $12 at Kroger. At that price, it’s one of the best wines available. It tastes like something you’d spend closer to $20-$25 for. While its finish isn’t quite as smooth and velvety as Oberon, it still has a great taste from start to finish. It’s incredibly easy to drink and is a great companion for any night.

  • Josh

    I started drinking a bit of Josh on accident, to be honest. My friends and family seem to never be able to remember that I like “Joel Gott” and always (ALWAYS!) get me Josh as a gift, mistaking it for Joel Gott. It’s become a running joke with friends and family, but I’ve gotten used to Josh and have grown to like it. Personally, I don’t find it as tasty as Joel Gott or Oberon, but it still is good enough to get the job done. It’s also cheaper than both of the other options, which has its benefits. I like Josh Cellars, but if you’re getting me a gift please remember that I prefer Joel Gott. The other “J” name. I’m starting to think they do this on purpose.

  • Bonanza

    Bonanza is a great bottle of wine that you can get for about $25 at a store near you. This was one I discovered when I was buying wine based on the bottle. The red drew my attention and the artwork on the bottle seemed fun, so I decided to take it home. Afterwards, I didn’t regret it! It was slightly more acidic than my other favorites, but it’s still a quality wine. It has a similar velvety, silky finish like Oberon. You instantly taste the quality and understand what you’re paying for.

  • Intercept

    This wine has grown on me recently. I am a proud Michigan State Spartan, but I have to give Charles Woodson his flowers on this one. Intercept is actually his wine! That’s a cool little fact. However, this isn’t just one of those wines that you buy because you like the celebrity or support Michigan. No, it’s actually very good. I had no idea it was his wine until after I finished the bottle(s). Highly recommend you give it a try sometime, regardless of what Michigan school you support. For under $20 you’d be hard pressed to find something better at that price point!

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