Where in Michigan can I get a Great Donut?

There are not many things better than a fresh donut. What an amazing treat! My family loves when we have a Sunday donut breakfast. I stroll up to my local Dunkin Donuts and order some frosty with sprinkles for my son (and sometimes me) and I get one of those giant-frosted coffee Princess Leia hair-spiral donuts. But while Dunkin is okay, they are not the best. So where in Michigan can I get a great DONUT???

But first, maybe let’s get those taste buds firing by talking even more about The Donut. Today is National Donut Day according to Nationaltoay.com. The history of the day goes back to 1938. The day was established as a way to honor Salvation Army members who aided soldiers during World War I.

The history of the donut changes as more evidence pops up, but it goes back centuries. According to toriavey.com, in ancient Rome and Greece, they would fry pastries of dough and cover them with honey and fish (New flavor Dunkin?).

The best story is about Captain Hanson Gregor, whose mom made him donuts for his voyages. So one of the stories was in 1847. During a very rough storm, to keep his hands on the wheel and eat donuts, he impaled them on the spokes of the wheel. And thus, the donut HOLE was created.

Well however and wherever donuts came about, we cannot get enough of them. Even Homer Simpson was placed in Hell to be forced to eat donuts forever and it only made him happier! What a great episode! Any of the Treehouse of Horror episodes are amazing!

Where can we get some good donuts around here? Here are some places that have got on the top of some lists.


  • Sweetwater’s Donut Mill – Battle Creek Michigan

    Awesomemitten.com has Sweetwater’s Donut Mill in Battle Creek as one of their best. In 2016 they made headlines with an Oberon-inspired donut. They are located at 2807 Capital Ave SW in Battle Creek.

  • Dilla's Delights - Detroit

    And Awesommittn.com also has Dilla’s Delights in Detroit! They are located at 242 John R. Street in Detroit. They focus on organic. Specialties like broccoli and cheese and a donut with a signature lime glaze.

  • Avon Donuts - Pontiac

    Listed as one of Yelp’s 100 best donut shows, Avon Donuts is located at 45324 Woodward Ave in Pontiac. On their latest Facebook post, they have a Strawberry and Bacon donut. Wild! 

  • Apple Fritter - Ferndale

    Listed as number one on Thedonutwhole.com. The Apple Fritter is located at 741 E 9 Mile Rd in Ferndale. 

  • Donna’s Donuts - Flint

    I personally have had Donna’s Donuts and they make a pancake donut (I think that’s what it’s called?) that is the best donut I have ever had! They are located at 1135 W Bristol Rd in Flint.

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