Trick Or Treat? (Photo by Jeenah Moon/Getty Images)

Spooky season is upon us, and there’s one question on everyone’s mind, “Trick or Treat?” However, despite the question being on all of our minds this time of year, there often isn’t much of a choice. People pick treat. Now, it’s time to be independent thinkers. We aren’t defaulting to treat, anymore. This year, try these 7 terrific tricks instead of giving treats on Halloween.

Candy costs money. Let’s be honest, we go through a lot of it every year, too. That money can really add up. Instead, you know most tricks are free. I feel like they’d also be appreciated by kids and parents alike. They have enough candy from all the other neighbors. However, no one on your block is giving out Tricks on Halloween.

Tired Of The Treats!

The Trick or Treaters will appreciate a random trick because they’re so accustomed to being handed a treat. Sure, they may be a little surprised at first, but once they see what you’ve got in store you’ll be the hit of the block! Or, they’ll be bothered they didn’t get candy and not stop by your house next year. Either way, that sounds like a win!

Meanwhile, the parents will also appreciate the trick instead of a treat, because who do you think is paying for those trips to the dentist? It’s not the trick or treater! A trick on Halloween is a nice way to give the sweet teeth a little break. If the kids were to receive an apple or a toothbrush on Halloween, that’s a recipe for a tantrum. However, if you have no treat to give, they have no treat to complain about. It’s all about perspective.

As you can see, I have no problem giving out tricks on Halloween. I think it’s a fun idea and will give the kids something to talk about. However, the trick has to be a good one. You can’t just step up with nothing. Slamming the door on their innocent faces isn’t a trick, it’s just rude. So, I went through the internet and found seven tricks that you can offer up on Halloween this year. We all know the internet is a strange mysterious place, but I was able to locate tricks that anyone can do. They’re so simple even I can do them. Let’s get to the list!

7 Tricks To Perform To Trick-Or-Treaters On Halloween

  • The Fake Thumb Trick

    The Fake Thumb Trick is the go-to trick for those who…well, can’t really do any other tricks. It’s simple and anyone can pull it off (see what I did there?) The kids will certainly be entertained, when you introduce this trick.

  • 52 Card Pickup

    While it may seem mean…have you ever spent time with a kid? They’re typically jerks, and not afraid to be so. Get on their level with a game of 52 Card Pickup. You might get a laugh out of it. Maybe?

  • Tripping Over Nothing

    This could be really funny if you pull it off the right way. Make it seem like there’s something in the way that you keep tripping over, or better yet some sort of invisible wall preventing you from giving them their candy. Try as you might you just can’t break through this invisible wall! It’s a good time to practice being a mime. I think we all used to try our best at it. Now, it’s showtime!

  • The Changing Card

    Thankfully, this video from Funny ideas on YouTube provided a tutorial on how to execute this trick. Had they not, I would not have been able to figure it out. I was watching and jaw dropped at how they pulled it off. However, as you can see, once they teach you how to do it, any one of us can do this trick. Except for maybe me, I’m still a little confused. But, you’ve got this!

  • Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat

    It’s one of the most iconic and well-known tricks in all of magic. How does it work? Well, you put the rabbit inside of a hat and pull it out. I can see this working better with a large hat. A very large hat. It’s also recommended you start with a fake or stuffed rabbit. At least until you know what you’re doing. Look, it’s best to always been safe. I want you to be safe and any rabbit or noun you may be using in a given trick.

  • The Floating Pumpkin

    Wait, is that pumpkin actually floating? No, it’s a trick. Same with the rest of these. Haven’t you been paying attention? It may look complex, but with the right blanket or scarf you’re ready to go. Just follow the tutorial and you’ll be fine.

  • Magic Hands

    If you execute this trick the right way, people will be very impressed. If you don’t execute this trick correctly, it still might look like you did it right, and they could still end up impressed. I’d suggest watching the guy in the blue in the video above, his looks a little cooler than the other guy’s version. However, either one will work!

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