It’s National Pi Day! How can you celebrate it?

A highly recognized mathematical number and a chance to celebrate by eating pie? Sign me up! It’s National Pi Day! Or 3.14 to all you mathematicians! Or to be even MORE accurate: 3.14159265359….etc.

According to, March 14th is the best day to celebrate Pi. The mathematical Pi goes back thousands of years to Archimedes of Syracuse. Archimedes determined the value of Pi during his time.

And much like May the Fourth be with you or Alien day (4/26), Pi also needed a nerdy day to celebrate it. Physicist Larry Shaw visited the San Francisco Museum of Science, the Exploratorium in 1988. While there he decided to help organize a day of fun offering pies and tea on 3.14, the number for Pi. From there the day was repeated and eventually took off!

The day became a national holiday in 2009. It is also Albert Einstein’s birthday! What better way to celebrate one of the greatest scientists and one of the most known numbers!

Here are some great ways to enjoy National Pi Day!

  • Discounts!

    Everyone loves a date-related discount! And what does Pi day have? Pizza and Pies! If it’s a circle, it might be on sale!

    7-Eleven: Not the first place I think of for pizza, but they do have an offering for a, you guessed it, $3.14 pizza.

    Blaze Pizza: Offering up a $3.14 pizza deal of one 11-inch pizza

    Jets: They are not going to give you a $3.14 pizza but you do get 20% off by using the code 314day!

    Papa Johns: Has a buy one get one for $3.14 (come on Papa! do better!)

  • Activities! has a whole list of activities!

    Such as:

    1. Eat Pi(e) Foods, we got that covered with Pizza!
    2. Bake a Pie! Yeah, let’s do that! (I couldn’t find many pie-making videos that were recent, where are you at pie bakers?)

  • Entertainment!

    Watch American Pie! That’s a classic where pies are used in some interesting ways! And not a bad laugh while baking those pies or having pizza. Just maybe not use them in the same way! Or at least send home your guests first. Released in 1999, American Pie spawned numerous sequels, but few hold the memories of the first.

    Lol, the trailer is just okay enough to post, but I wouldn’t recommend showing any scenes while at work!

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