Arts, Beats & Eats Line Up for 2023

Awwww yeah, time to get your Arts, Beats, and EATS on! AB&E always has such a great range of fun things to do and eat that it’s really hard to pass up.

Arts, Beats & Eats moved from the City of Pontiac to Downtown Royal Oak in 2009. By 2010, they had one of their most successful years. Now going on their 13th year in Royal Oak and their 26th year since the inception. In 2022, 365,000 people attended and generated $332K to donate to charity.

They’ve played host to many major bands naming only a few including Stone Temple Pilots, Rick Springfield, Blues Traveler, The B52’s, 311, Collective Soul, and Live.

The event will run Labor Day weekend from September 1st through September 4th.

Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats & Eats will be open 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. Friday, Sept. 1 through Sunday, Sept. 3; and 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Monday, Sept. 4. Tickets will be sold for $7 in advance. Admission is free before 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 1, and $12 after 5 p.m. Every other day, admission is $10 before  3 p.m. and $12 after 3 p.m.

Get your tickets here.

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort is also planning to add a New York-style Times Square. Featuring a video wall with scenes showcasing the festival and Soaring Eagle.

From the Soaring Eagle Press Release:

“The success of Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats & Eats is a result of collaboration among many partners that enable the event to continue offering creative and culturally unique initiatives, while also supporting the community,” said Raul Venegas, Executive Director of Marketing, Entertainment & Sales, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. “We’re proud to be a part of this effort to celebrate and enhance the quality of life across our region. Attendees are in for another exciting Labor Day weekend with diverse lineups of entertainment and offerings for all to enjoy.

And they also released the line-up for 2023 for all days:



    FRIDAY 01
    5:00PM | Birds Of Prey (Americana/Bluegrass)

    6:00PM | Rumours (Fleetwood Mac Tribute)

    7:30PM | American Authors (Pop-Rock)

    9:30PM | Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (Rock)

    10:00AM | Priority Health Zumbathon (Zumba)

    5:00PM | Brayden (Pop/R&B)

    6:00PM | The Wildflowers (Tom Petty Tribute)

    7:30PM | Collective Soul (Rock)

    9:30PM | Halestorm (Rock)

    SUNDAY 03
    5:00PM | Ryan Jay (Country/Rock)

    6:30PM | Dillon Carmichael (Country)

    7:30PM | Randy Houser (Country)

    9:30PM | Russell Dickerson (Country)

    MONDAY 04
    3:00PM | Damon Terrell (Jazz/Funk)

    4:00PM | Your Generation in Concert (Tribute)

    6:15PM | The Purple xPeRIeNCE (Prince Tribute)

    7:45PM | Bell Biv DeVoe (R&B)


    FRIDAY 01
    12:30PM | Pancho Villa’s Skull (Mariachi Punk)

    2:00PM | Imani Bloom (Alternative)

    3:30PM | Vinyl 9 (Alternative/Rock)

    5:00PM | Vandalay (Alternative/Rock)

    6:30PM | Jesse Ray And The Carolina Catfish (Alternative/Blues)

    8:00PM | Lyons Lane (Rock/Rockabilly)

    9:45PM | The Louie Lee Show (Americana/Country)

    12:30PM | Jill Govan (Acoustic/Indie)

    2:00PM | The Boy Detective (Ska Rock)

    3:30PM | Kirby Lashae (Alternative/Soul)

    5:00PM | Davis James (Pop/Rock)

    6:30PM | Leaving Lifted (Reggae/Rock)

    8:00PM | Jackson and the Poolsharks (Rock)

    9:45PM | Killer Flamingos (Cover Band – Top 40)

    SUNDAY 03
    12:30PM | Birjy (Eclectic Variety)

    2:00PM | Dakho (Acoustic/Indie)

    3:30PM | Tiffadelic (Alternative/Post-Punk)

    5:00PM Dirty White and the High Life Social Club (Alternative/Hip Hop)

    6:30PM | Cocktail Shake (Alternative/Post-Punk)

    8:00PM | Kalysta (Pop/Rock)

    9:45PM | The Beggars (Rock)

    MONDAY 04
    12:15PM | Sophia McIntosh (Pop)

    1:45PM | Lee Cleaveland & The Lefthand Band (Rock/Indie)

    3:15PM | Saturday Night Gangster (Jam/Funk)

    4:45PM | Rebekah Jon (Indie)

    6:15PM | Aaron Benjamin (Rock/Soul)

    8:00PM | Virginia Violet and the Rays (R&B/Soul)


    FRIDAY 01
    11:00PM | The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music (Rock)

    4:00PM | Northville Folk (Acoustic/Classic Rock)

    5:30PM | The Ruiners (Garage/Punk)

    7:00PM | Cast Iron Cornbread (Rock)

    8:30PM | Stone Clover (Rock/Paddy Slag)

    10:00PM | Tosha Owens (Blues/Rock)

    12:15PM | George Dudley (Acoustic Variety)

    1:45PM | The Third Degree (Rock)

    3:15PM | Big Timmy and the Heavy Chevys (Blues/Soul)

    4:45PM | Animal (Rock)

    6:15PM | Forge the Sun (Rock/Classic Rock)

    7:45PM | Edison Hollow (Alternative/Classic Rock)

    9:45PM | Tino Gs Dumpster Machine (Blues/Rock)

    SUNDAY 03
    12:15PM | ABI (Acoustic Variety)

    1:45PM | Misty Blues Party Band (Cover Band)

    3:15PM | Those Legs (Alternative/Indie)

    4:45PM | Slowfoot (Blues/Rock)

    6:15PM | The Detroit Fury (Rock/Hard Rock)

    7:45PM | The Detroit Hammers (Blues/Rock)

    9:45PM | Frame 42 (Rock)

    MONDAY 04
    12:00PM | Kyle 313 (Acoustic Variety)

    1:30PM | All Grown Up (Rock/Soul)

    3:00PM | The Devil Elvis Show (Tribute Band)

    4:30PM | The Oneders! (Pop)

    6:00PM | New Twenty Saints (Garage/Rock)

    7:45PM | The Reefermen (Rock)


    FRIDAY 01
    12:15PM | Hard Luck Pete & The Wrong Way Streets (Country)

    1:45PM | Last Stand (Country/Classic Rock)

    3:15PM | Matt Bastardson (Americana)

    4:45PM | Alan Turner (Country/Rock)

    6:15PM | Audrey Ray (Country)

    7:45PM | Taylor Tucky (Country)

    9:45PM | Jennifer Westwood & The Handosme Devils (HonkyTonk /Soul)

    12:30PM | Keelan Starr (Acoustic Variety)

    2:00PM | The Fabulous Henhouse Boys (Country)

    3:30PM | Fangs and Twang (Rock/Roots)

    5:00PM | The Steve Taylor Three (Americana/Rock)

    6:30PM | Kira Blue (Country/Pop)

    8:00PM | Billy King (Acoustic/Americana)

    9:45PM | Julianne Ankley & the Rogues (Americana/Country)

    SUNDAY 03
    ROFUM Church Service

    12:30PM | Leonardo (Acoustic/Americana)

    2:00PM | 20 Hour Ride (Country)

    3:30PM | Sugar Lime Blue (Americana)

    5:00PM | The Jacki Daniels Show (Country/Pop)

    6:30PM | LostWest (Country/Rock)

    8:00PM | The Wrenfields (Americana/Country)

    9:45PM | Shiatown (Country)

    MONDAY 04
    12:15PM | Jo Serrapere & the LaFawndas (Americana/Country)

    1:45PM | Wilson Thicket (Americana/Bluegrass)

    3:15PM | The Rachel Brooke Band (Americana/Country)

    4:45PM | Billy Gunther & The Midwest Riders (Country/Rock)

    6:15PM | Grace Theisen (Americana/Blues)

    8:00PM | Orbitsuns Old School (Country/Outlaw Country)


    FRIDAY 01
    12:30PM | Kenneth Wallace (Neo-Soul/Jazz)

    2:00PM | Brizzl (Alternative/Hip Hop)

    3:30PM | The Robert Abate Trio featuring David Egeler & Muruga Booker (Blues/Funk)

    5:00PM | The Paxton/Spangler Band (Jazz/Funk)

    6:30PM | Luther Badman Keith Blues Band (Blues/Funk)

    8:00PM | Rēdi Choi (R&B/Soul)

    9:45PM | The Persuasion Band (Cover Band – Top 40)

    12:30PM | Lleb (R&B)

    2:00PM | Nate Topo and The 313 Group (Blues/Funk)

    3:30PM | Cree (R&B/Soul)

    5:00PM | Gabriel Brass Band (New Orleans Brass)

    6:30PM | Hank Mowery & The Hawktones (Blues/Soul)

    8:00PM | Apropos (Alternative Soul)

    9:45PM | Larry Lee & Back In The Day (R&B/Funk)

    SUNDAY 03
    12:30PM | Cabaret Boreale (Modern Vintage)

    2:00PM | Gwenyth Hayes (Neo-Soul/Jazz)

    3:30PM | Full Circle (R&B/Soul)

    5:00PM | Soledad (Pop/R&B)

    6:30PM | Sky Covington ft. Club Crescendo (Jazz)

    8:00PM | Chris Canas (Blues/Rock)

    9:45PM | Alise King (R&B/Soul)

    MONDAY 04
    12:15PM | Jennifer Roberts (Jazz/Blues)

    1:45PM | Weebone Entertainment (R&B/Soul)

    3:15PM | Rockim Williamson (R&B/Hip Hop)

    4:45PM | Gridiron and Friends (Party Music)

    6:15PM | Drey Skonie and The kLouds Band (Pop/R&B)

    8:00PM | Kimmie Horne (Jazz/Blues)


    FRIDAY 01
    12:15PM | The Tropical Wahines (Polynesian Dance)

    1:45PM | The Tri-County Bollywood Ensemble (World Music )

    3:15PM | Ensemble Hanabi (Acoustic Variety)

    4:45PM | Aaron Parrott & Milenium Heat (Steel Drum)

    6:15PM | Ammy Amorette (Brazilian/World Music)

    7:45PM | Martin Chaparro – MC3 (Latin/Reggae)

    9:45PM | The Polish Muslims (Polka Rock)

    12:15PM | Hoaloha Polynesian Dance Group of Michigan (Polynesian Dance)

    1:45PM | Ara Topouzian (Trio World Music)

    3:15PM | Xiao Dong Wei (Chinese Fusion)

    4:45PM | Grupo Illusion (Conjunto/Tejano)

    6:15PM | Raion Taiko & Great Lakes Taiko Collective (World Music )

    7:45PM | Adel Ruelas ft Luna (Pop/Alternative)

    9:45PM | Roots Vibrations (Reggae/Soca)

    SUNDAY 03
    12:15PM | Auburn Glen Highland Dancers (Scottish Highland Dance)

    1:45PM | Ironwood (Celtic/Folk)

    3:15PM | Conjunto Soltura Fusion (World Music)

    4:45PM | El Trio Escobar (Cumbia)

    6:15PM | Motor City Vibrations (Reggae/Rock)

    7:45PM | Os Clavelitos (Brazilian/World Music)

    9:45PM | The Z Cats (Zydeco)

    MONDAY 04
    12:00PM | Ballet Folklorico Moyocoyani Izel (Traditional Mexican Cultural Dance)

    1:30PM | Mariachi Jalisco (Mariachi)

    3:00PM | Celtic Isles (Celtic/Folk)

    4:30PM | Mondo Kane (R&B)

    6:00PM | Universal Xpression (Reggae/Soca)

    7:45PM | Sean Blackman’s In Transit (World Music)


    FRIDAY 01
    12:00PM | ABE Visual Art – Artist Demo

    12:45PM | Mayflower Music MI (Singer-Songwriter/Pop)

    2:00PM | Scott Lewis (Acoustic Variety)

    3:15PM | Acoustic Chrome (Acoustic Variety)

    4:30PM | ABE Visual Art – Artist Demo

    5:15PM | Uc3 Acoustic Trio (Acoustic Variety)

    6:45PM | Theandric (Acoustic/Rock)

    12:00PM | ABE Visual Art – Artist Demo

    12:45 PM | Ben Awrey (Acoustic Variety)

    2:00PM | AcousticAsh (Acoustic Variety)

    3:15PM | Bobby Brooks (Acoustic Variety)

    4:30PM | ABE Visual Art – Artist Demo

    5:15PM | Ernesto Villarreal (Acoustic Variety)

    6:45PM | Rebecca Cameron (Acoustic/Americana)

    SUNDAY 0
    12:00PM | ABE Visual Art – Artist Demo

    12:45PM | Abhay (Acoustic Variety)

    2:00PM | Dan Hazlett (Acoustic Variety)

    3:15PM | Jason Waggoner (Acoustic Variety)

    4:30PM | ABE Visual Art – Artist Demo

    5:15PM | Joanna Sterling (Singer-Songwriter/Folk)

    6:45PM | Voxanna (Acoustic Variety)

    MONDAY 04
    12:00PM | ABE Visual Art – Artist Demo

    1:00PM | Stagecrafters Production of Monty Python’s Spamalot (Community Theatre)

    2:00PM | Taylor DeRousse (Alternative/Indie)

    3:30PM | The Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club (Modern Vintage)


    FRIDAY 01
    11:30AM | DJ Katalist (Funk & Party Jams)

    1:00PM | Motor City Street Dance Academy (Breakdancing)

    4:30PM | DJ Chrome (Variety/House)

    5:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    5:30PM | Brayden (Hip Hop / Pop)

    6:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    7:30PM | Dilano Dalion (Hip Hop)

    8:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    9:30PM | Nick Ryan (Pop/R&B)

    10:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    11:30AM | DJ Seoul (Electro Funk)

    1:00PM | Motor City Street Dance Academy (Breakdancing)

    4:30PM | Julian LaHood (Hip Hop)

    5:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    5:30PM | FASHION SHOW (Royal Oak Businesses)

    6:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    7:30PM | Sarah Marcus (Pop)

    8:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    9:30PM | Brayden (Pop/R&B)

    10:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    SUNDAY 03
    11:30AM | Walter Glasshouse (House)

    1:00PM | Motor City Street Dance Academy (Breakdancing)

    4:30PM | Nick Ryan (Hip Hop / Pop)

    5:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    6:00PM | Dilano Dalion (Hip Hop)

    6:30PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    7:30PM | Brayden (Hip Hop)

    8:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    9:15PM | Julian LaHood (Pop/R&B)

    10:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    MONDAY 04
    11:30AM | Joshua Adams (Funk, Disco & House)

    1:00PM | Motor City Street Dance Academy (Breakdancing)

    3:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    3:30PM | DJ Max (House/Techno)

    4:00PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    5:45PM | DJ Max (House/Techno)

    6:15PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)

    7:45PM | Brayden (Pop/R&B)

    8:15PM | Motley Misfits (Buskers)


    FRIDAY 01
    11:15AM | Zippity: 2 Guys & A Guitar

    12:00PM | Authentic Native American Dance Ho Chunk Nation Presented by DIA

    1:15PM | Michigan Science Center Presents: STEM Skills Showdown

    2:00PM | Juggler Tim Salisbury

    2:45PM | Zippity: 2 Guys & A Guitar

    3:30PM | Juggler Tim Salisbury

    4:15PM | Michigan Science Center Presents: STEM Skills Showdown

    5:00PM | Zippity: 2 Guys & A Guitar

    5:45PM | Juggler Tim Salisbury

    6:30PM | Beatbox Jake

    7:30PM | DJ Z-Light

    8:30PM | Versace James

    9:30PM | Gone Rogue

    11:15AM | Joe Reilly Kids Songs Presented by DIA

    12:00PM | Ballet Folklorico de Detroit Presented by DIA

    1:15PM | Michigan Science Center Presents: STEM Skills Showdown

    2:00PM | Pirates & Princess Puppet Show

    2:45PM | Magic w/ Randyl Lee

    3:30PM | Joe Reilly Kids Songs Presented by DIA

    4:15PM | Michigan Science Center Presents: STEM Skills Showdown

    5:00PM | Pirates & Princess Puppet Show

    5:45PM | Magic w/ Randyl Lee

    6:30PM | Joe Reilly Kids Songs Presented by DIA

    7:30PM | Dank Zappa

    8:30PM | Dru Ruiz

    9:30PM | Detroit Techno Militia

    SUNDAY 03
    11:15AM | Kids Tunes w/ Kevin Devine

    12:00PM | Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff

    12:53PM | Revolution Chinese Yoyo Presented by DIA

    1:15PM | Michigan Science Center Presents: STEM Skills Showdown

    1:53PM | Revolution Chinese Yoyo Presented by DIA

    2:15PM | Tap Dance Detroit

    2:53PM | Revolution Chinese Yoyo Presented by DIA

    3:15PM | Kids Tunes w/ Kevin Devine

    4:15PM | Michigan Science Center Presents: STEM Skills Showdown

    5:00PM | Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff

    5:45PM | Kids Tunes w/ Kevin Devine

    6:30PM | Beatbox Jake

    7:30PM | DJ Head

    8:30PM | ESSHAKI

    9:30PM | DJ Dav & Katalist

    MONDAY 04
    11:15AM | Nat Spinz

    12:00PM | MiIndia & Rockin’ Raaga Indian Dance Presented by DIA

    1:15PM | Michigan Science Center Presents: STEM Skills Showdown

    2:00PM | Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff

    2:45PM | Nat Spinz

    3:30PM | Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff

    4:15PM | Michigan Science Center Presents: STEM Skills Showdown

    5:00PM | Nat Spinz

    5:45PM | Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff

    6:30PM | Beatbox Jake

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