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The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll is suing a women by the name of Dorothea “Coco” Fletcher for her likeness. The legendary singer says that her doppelganger looks entirely to close similar to her. Fletcher has been impersonating Turner for nearly 20 years and according to, there is an unofficial tribute show that is  based in Germany, titled Simply The Best where fletcher has be portraying Turner. Turner’s lawyer say that Fletcher resembles Turner so much on the promotional flyer that it is very possible that fans may have trouble differentiating between the two singers causing confusion for fans.

105.9 Kiss’s very own Angie Starr portrayed Turner as well during her time performing on cruise ships. Starr would often get compliments from guests on the ship saying that she looks and sounds alike the ‘Proud Mary” singer. Detroit what, do you think? Would Angie Starr get in trouble for portraying Turner as well?