Michigan Bracing for Weather Extremes This Week

Summer unofficially kicks off this weekend in Michigan. The Memorial Day weekend forecast for much of Michigan has been very pleasant, with little rain and lots of sunshine. Much of Michigan has also seen temperatures in the 70s and low-80s this weekend, which has been perfect for outdoor activities. I've been outside a bunch this weekend, and I hope you have, too. But, we're looking at a Michigan extreme temperature warmup soon. Now, as we head into the short work week, much of Michigan is going to be getting hot temperatures. Brace yourselves. Here's the forecast. As mentioned, the temperatures over Memorial Day weekend have been very nice. Not quite nice enough to swim in Lake Michigan, though, unless you don't mind cold temperatures. "While much of the lower peninsula climbs into the mid 80s this Memorial Day, the beaches along Lake Michigan will have air temperatures wavering between the mid 50s to near 70. The water is still quite cold, in many spots it's in the lower 50s," the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids says. "Summer is in full swing this holiday weekend with temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s and mostly sunny skies," adds the National Weather Service in Detroit. Michigan Extreme Temperature Forecast Heading into the work week, expect gradually warming temperatures. Those get the highest on Thursday (June 1). According to, Grand Rapids and Lansing should hit 92 on Thursday, 91 on Friday and 90 on Saturday. For Detroit, the city is looking at slightly cooler temperatures, with it hitting 89 on Thursday, 90 on Friday and 88 on Saturday. Even going north, it's expect to be warm, with Traverse City hitting 88 on Thursday, 85 on Friday and 86 on Saturday. It's the first big "head wave," so to speak, of the season for Michigan. Drink a lot of water and stay cool. If you're looking for something to do outside this weekend, try one of these amusement parts- of course, some are far away, but one is close to home. [select-listicle listicle_id="411244" syndication_name="10-best-amusement-parks-in-america" description="no"]