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In 2023, the Lions won’t receive an update to their on-field apparel, but a complete overhaul could take place in 2024. Rod Wood, Lions president, said the new uniforms will be more drastic than the last one unveiled in 2017. In an interview with the Free Press, Wood said, “There will not be new uniforms in 2023. I know people get over their skis on that. It takes really two years to really get going.” Wood said the team is working diligently on the new designs with Nike saying, “Brian (Facchini) and a team have been kind of working with Nike, looking at uniforms that will probably be ready for 2024.” The Lions could have implemented new jerseys this season since the NFL permits teams to change uniforms every five years, but during the owners’ meeting in 2022, Wood said changes were in the works.

In the upcoming ’23-24′ season, the Lions will have alternate helmets that will be worn, Wood told the Free Press. Though the helmet’s design is unclear, it was said that it can only be worn with the anthracite “Color Rush” uniform. According to reports, the new helmet could be Honolulu Blue instead of a darker gray to match the alternate design, unlike the Lions’ current silver helmet. When asked about the helmets, Wood said, “You maybe have three helmets because you have the (standard silver), then you take the logos off for the throwback, then we’ll have (the new helmet) for the grays. Then, in 2024, we might have some additional uniforms, alternate, that we can wear with it.” Second helmets are allowed as long as no new logos are created and some logo from the team’s past is displayed. Lions fans ae you ready for a new look?