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After the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers both defeated their opponents on Sunday, all eyes were on the NFL to decide whether these two teams would receive primetime attention during the final week of the season. That’s exactly what happened, and as of Monday, the Lions and Packers will meet on “Sunday Night Football” to close the regular season, with both having a chance to make the postseason. In order to qualify for their first postseason berth in six years, the Lions (8-8) must win against the Packers (8-8)  and the Seahawks must lose against the Rams.

As Campbell nears what is considered to the biggest game of his young coaching career, he was barely able to contain his excitement saying, “I just want to play.” During a nearly 13 minute media session, Campbell said, “It’s coming and it’ll be down the wire and they’ll be there, we’ll be there and it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be an exciting game.”

Since the Lions-Packers game has been shifted to 8:20 p.m. Sunday, the Lions will know their playoff standing prior to kickoff. When asked how he will treat the game knowing that he will know the result prior to the Lions  game with the Packers Campbell said, “Can’t worry about that”  and promised to try and win the game regardless of the Rams-Seahawks outcome.

The Lions and Packers are entirely different teams than the ones that squared off two months ago, according to Campbell. There are only 14 players on the Lions’ 53-man roster who have ever played in a playoff game. When asked does he think his team will be ready to play their first primetime game of the season Campbell replied,  “I do. We tell them the magnitude, This is big. That’s what we do. This is big. It’s going to be fun and let’s go. I mean, the intensity is up now. This is a playoff game. And they’re going to know that, and so that’s how we’re going into it.”