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After the big Michigan vs Michigan State game this past Saturday, as teams exited the field and entered the tunnel, an altercation amongst the players broke out. A video surface showing at least 10 Michigan State University players brawling as two Michigan players entered the tunnel after the game, at the Big House. Wolverines Head Coach John Harbaugh released a statement saying, “An apology will not get the job done. In this instance, there should be serious consequences for the many individuals that are culpable. I’m coming from this as a perspective of a parent. These young men are entrusted to me by their families and to our program. We have the responsibility to each player to treat them like our own.” Michigan State Head Coach Mel Tucker also released a statement following the altercation saying, “We’re not here to make any excuses for the behavior Saturday. They are unacceptable. It’s also very important to say we honor the traditions of the Big 10 Conference — including the Michigan State-Michigan rivalry game.”

As a result of the incident, Tank Brown, Khary Crump, Angelo Grose, and Zion Young were suspended by MSU. According to Tucker, the players have been suspended until the assault investigation is concluded. Tucker said, “The suspensions will allow the players to receive academic support and medical services, but they will not be able to attend any organized activities — including meetings, practices, weight training, or games,”

In the video, you can see a MSU player striking a U of M player as the U of M player looks to be a straggler running off the field. Michigan running back Blake Corum released a statement after the incident saying, “You don’t like seeing those types of things right. There’s never been a fight in the tunnel. Obviously, teams have talked multiple times. We’ve been down. We’ve lost and teams talk. It’s never ended up in a fight.” As of now, there is no further information regarding the suspended players as the investigation continues.