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Sunday September 11th was the Lions first game of the season. For most of the game, the Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles went toe-to-toe on the field. In the end, they just weren’t able to match the Eagles’ talent. In the end, it was a very entertaining game with a lot of layers. Detroit had many positive moments, but this young team also learned plenty of lessons from this hard fought game. Overall, we can see that the Lions team that played Sunday are out to prove they aren’t the SOL (same ol’ Lions)

Lets point out some of the positives. Detroit’s ground game began with a bang, as D’Andre Swift carried 51 yards into Eagles territory on his first carry of the season. Jamaal Williams scored twice from a yard out due to Swift and the great blocking from the offensive line. As a result of the offensive line’s ability to create holes, Detroit rushed for 181 yards during the game. Overall I believe Detroit’s running game deserves a B+. Now as for the passing game however, there were some bright spots, but the team needs improvement here. There was a wait for the passing attack to get off the ground, unlike the running game. A majority of the first half saw Jared Goff and his receivers looking a bit out of sync. Things started to come together in the second half. As the game progressed, Amon-Ra St. Brown caught eight passes for 64 yards and a touchdown. Eventually, DJ Chark started to find his groove over the middle, and he ended the day with 52 yards and a 22-yard touchdown catch from Jared Goff. Overall I’d give the pass game a C-. I believe the Lions have the talent and weapons necessary to have a great passing attack, it just wasn’t on display throughout the entire game Sunday.

As a team, the Eagles gained 216 rushing yards on Sunday, averaging 5.5 yards per carry. Last year, the Eagles ran for 236 yards against the Lions, averaging 5.1 yards per carry as the demolished the Lions 44-6. There were ups and downs in the Lions’ pass defense on Sunday. The secondary helped force a turnover on downs, as Hurts went 0-for-5 through the air to began the game, however that didn’t last long as new Eagle’s wide receiver A.J. Brown finished the game with 155 yard on 10 receptions. Overall the defense deserves a C. I do expect them to improve as Jeff Okudah, gets more comfortable and all the new pieces on defense like rookies Aidan Hutchinson and Malcom Rodriguez learn and get more comfortable with the defense as well.

The Lions overall performance yesterday deserves a C+. They started strong and finished the fourth quarter strong, but found themselves behind early and couldn’t really get they passing game in order nor the defense. The defense had a bright spots, but has to improve if the Lions want to be in playoff contention.