Tune-Up Man

Monday - Friday: 3pm to 7pm AND Sunday: 4pm to 7pm

We know after 100 Years of Service you already know “how we do it” in SERVICE… but, do you know how we turn up? If you don’t know, just wait until this weekend at ‘The Block Party of The Century!’ We promise you’ll find out exactly HOW WE DO IT! What to Expect: Games, Yoga & Mindfulness. As well as lip sync battles and lots more.

Sunday Sept 11th from 12:00 -6:00pm at 1525 Howard St In Detroit.  It’s the Alpha Kappa Alpha Foundation of Detroit



With 25+ years in the radio industry, Detroit native, Walter Neal aka "Tune-Up Man" has worked in radio sales, production, engineering and programming. He enjoys all things sports and is currently on-air weekends in Detroit.