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Women who have never been to prom, will finally get to have their moment as they will be invited to a special event this weekend in Livonia. This is all part of an organization’s effort to support young mothers. A group of more than two dozen moms, ages 18 to 60, will dance at Burton Manor on Saturday night. A Girl Like Me founder Tyra Moore, released a statement saying the reason she is having this event is because, “I was told my life was going to be over, I just overcame it.” Moore mentors, supports, and offers parenting classes to teen moms, but she decided that they needed something else, like prom.

Moore, a teenager mother at 14, discovered she was pregnant, a secret she tried to carry to the end. To Moore’s surprise, when she returned home from the hospital, Moore’s house was filled with nearly two years’ worth of supplies for her child. Moore said, “When I was holding my baby, I was like, ‘I don’t know when but one day I’m going to pay it forward and help girls and teens that are in my shoes.”

On Saturday July 30, the women attending the prom will be treated to hair, makeup, and nails all before getting dressed for the big event because everyone deserves a little razzle dazzle before their prom right? Your help is still needed however. The mothers are short about $500, which would go to providing transportation so they can reach the venue and other appointments before the prom. A photographer will also be hired to capture the memories for these women. If you are interested in helping with the prom or donating other items to the organization, please contact A Girl Like Me Inc. or click the link below.

A Girl Like Me Inc Prom Night, organized by Tyra Moore

Hi, I'm Tyra Moore, the founder of A Girl Like Me Inc, A Girl Like Me Inc is a non-profit organization that helps Girls, Teens, Teen Moms, and Young Moms between the ages of 11 and 25. We provide free diapers, wipes, baby milk and food.