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Pistons fans you asked for it and the team listened. As part of their “Classic Edition” uniforms, the Detroit Pistons will wear their teal jerseys that the team wore from 1996-2001 for the entire ’22-’23 NBA season. The teal Pistons uniform became very famous after the team drafted legendary forward Grant Hill. The teal jersey has been a fan favorite for many years, and many are excited to see its return. On Monday, former Pistons star Jerry Stackhouse attended a launch party at Highlands Detroit at the GM Renaissance Center to unveil the jerseys. Pistons chief business officer Mike Zavodsky said, “The teal jerseys represent a ‘colorful’ time in Pistons basketball and NBA history. We are thrilled to re-introduce the teal to a new generation of basketball fans, and can’t wait to see this version of Detroit Basketball suit up in them.” Zavodsky also said, “As somebody who grew up in the era, when that jersey was popular, you know the nostalgia that it has, And now I think is the perfect time to bring it back with this team that we’re going to have on the court this year. The 90s are very in right now.”

Although the Stackhouse and Grant Hill teams during the teal era underachieved relative to the “Bad Boys” and “Goin’ To Work” era Pistons teams, during which the franchise was able to win three championships, ( two with the Bad Boys and one with the “Going To Work”) the uniforms were always a favorite.

The franchise gave subtle hints to the teal return. During the 2021-22 season, the Pistons began using the color teal in their branding. The jerseys and shorts of their 2021-22 “City Edition” uniform featured blue-and-teal stripes. Another hint that may have caused speculation was when the Detroit Pistons staff wore teal polos during last year’s summer league games.

The jerseys will be worn for 10 games next season. Games will be revealed later by the team. Pistons Fans will you be purchasing the new teal Piston uniform?