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Flint native, former Michigan State standout and current Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges faces three felony domestic violence charges after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in front of their two children. George Gascón, district attorney, said his office filed a felony count of injuring a child’s parent and a felony count of child abuse under circumstances or conditions likely to cause serious bodily injury or death. Bridges is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday. Gascón released a statement to the public saying, “Children who witness family violence are especially vulnerable and the impact on them is immeasurable.”

Los Angeles police arrested Bridges on June 29 then later released him on $130,000 bail. Both the Hornets organization and NBA were aware of charges brought up against Bridges. A spokesperson for the Hornets released a statement saying, “These are very serious charges that we will continue to monitor. As this is a legal matter, we will have no further comment at this time.”

On July 1, Mychelle Johnson, the mother of Bridges’ two young children, posted several pictures of injuries and a medical report that read, “adult victim of physical abuse by male partner; Assault by strangulation, Brain concussion; Closed fracture of nasal bone; Contusion of rib; Multiple bruises; Strain of neck muscle.” In an Instagram post, Johnson wrote “I hate that it has come to this but I can’t be silent anymore. I’ve allowed someone to destroy my home, abuse me in every way possible and traumatize our kids for life. I have nothing to prove to the world, but I won’t allow anyone who could do something so horrible to have no remorse and paint a picture of something I’m not. I won’t allow the people around him to continue to silence me and continue to lie to protect this person.”

Following a breakout season, Bridges, 24, was expected to receive big money in the free agent market this summer. Prior to his  arrest, the team had indicated that it wanted to re-sign him. Bridges has been extended a qualifying offer by the Hornets, which allows them to match any offer sheet made by another team.