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Michigan has a lot to offer no matter where you are in life, but what about for those who are entering their so-called golden years? Many people who enter retirement end up staying in the state they were born or wherever they were last located for their job, while others flock to warm climates.

Of course, in Michigan, we don’t have a warm climate. But, one particular city in the state does have a lot of offer those retiring, according to a new study.

The crew at US News and World Report has put together a study to determine the best cities to retire in the U.S. “To identify the best places to retire, U.S. News analyzed data for the 150 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. to assess how well they meet Americans’ retirement needs and expectations,” they state. “Top criteria include the happiness of local residents, housing affordability, tax rates and health care quality.”

In the study, the publication states that retirees who like to experience all of the seasons and enjoy a small town atmosphere should consider Ann Arbor, Michigan. In fact, Ann Arbor is on the list amid a ton of Florida cities, making it something of a Midwest oasis for retirees. “Ann Arbor is a city of contrasts,” they state. “It is at once rural and urban, sporty and smart, outdoorsy and high-tech, counterculture and high society. It is best known as the home of the University of Michigan, and locals here enjoy all the trappings of a stereotypical Midwestern college town: a charming, historic main street lined with bookstores, gift shops and taverns; a healthy mix of longtime residents and shorter-term passers-through; and plentiful cultural destinations and events.” They add that the city, referred to as “Tree Down,” offers a “fast-growing startup scene, international community, spirit of inclusivity and high walkability.” For the full list, go here.

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