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Today is National French Fry Day, and the big name fast food companies are taking advantage of the salty holiday to boost their customer loyalty. To celebrate, McDonald’s will give away free large fries (no purchase necessary) all day today, but only to loyalty program members who order through the McDonald’s app. For those who may not want  additional apps on their phones, McDonald’s is offering a free 10-piece McNugget order if you download its app, so you can get a full McDonald’s meal on Wednesday for the cost of a soda. In a similar fashion, this week, Wendy’s is celebrating fries with Fry Week, a week-long celebration of deep-fried tasty tubers. Wendy’s is offering free fries to customers with specific purchases all week long. However, it’s only free if you order through Wendy’s app, (see the pattern) which requires you to join the brand’s loyalty program, which as of last year has about 19 million members. Obviously we cant forget about the king. Burger King is offering their loyalty member free chicken fries today upon any purchase of $3. Sonic is also getting in on the fry frenzy by offering customers free medium tater tots or fries when they purchase through the Sonic Drive-In app.

Now for the age old question. Which fast food chain has the best fries? is it Wendy’s, McDonalds, Chick-fil-A, Burger King or other? Let us Know Detroit.