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As the slogan goes, “It’s more fun at MJR.” The popular movie theatre will continues to roll out the summer fun with some new and creative renovation beginning with its new “VIP Seating.” In a press released by the company, officials said the arrangement will include heated reclining chairs, two side tables, coat hooks, and a surrounding privacy enclosure that provides additional personal space and comfort. Joel Kincaid, vice president of operations at MJR said, “VIP Seating Pods will offer convenient amenities and superior next-level comfort that will provide our guests with a truly unique viewing experience. The combination of the surrounding panel and side tables will deliver more space than any other seating concept in the market, while also providing a sense of privacy. Our plan is for every auditorium to have at least one row equipped with VIP Seats and we are very excited to begin this project.” MJR’s new seating option will launch in August and will appear only in the Brighton and Southgate theaters. As of right now, no price was provided for this new seating option. Other MJR Theatres will get the new seating option “soon after” according to MJR officials. MJR officials also stated that the seat upgrades are part of a multi-theater reinvestment effort worth $4.5 million.

In addition to the seats, a new projection system is also scheduled to debut this summer as part of the reinvestment. A spokesperson for MJR said the company plans to launch a new premium large-screen laser projection format called “Laser Ultra,” that will offer unprecedented sharpness, vibrant colors and superior contrast. Movie goes and MJR fans get ready to have your movie going experience enhanced this summer with MJR and their new VIP Seating and Laser Ultra projection screens.