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Hall of fame Raiders coach and PA announcer John Madden will return to cover of “Madden” for the first time since Madden ’00. A tribute to Madden’s life will be provided by three unique Madden NFL 23 covers. June 1 marks the anniversary of the first launch of John Madden Football which released  on June 1, 1988, and is also #MaddenDay. In addition to the cover reveal, Electronic Arts (EA) announced the $5 million John Madden Legacy Commitment to Education as well as a dedication of a field honoring the legendary coach and announcer.

There are three Madden covers. One will feature artwork from Chuck Styles, who created the Madden 23 All Madden Edition. Styles released a statement saying, “As someone who grew up loving football, playing in the suburbs of West Philly, it’s a full circle moment to now be able to contribute to the culture of the sport by honoring an icon like John Madden, who has influenced generations of football fans through his passion for football and unmistakable energy, through my art.”

As always, madden will make improvements to its gameplay, graphics, online play and more in the upcoming installment of the game. The gameplay innovations will be unveiled on Thursday and continue throughout the following weeks. It has already been revealed that the first interactive experience will include two versions of coach Madden leading teams of “All Madden” players against each other in a 1970s Oakland Coliseum.

Wednesday, EA announced that the John Madden Legacy Commitment to Education is committing $2.5 million to College Track, Mission Bit, StreetCode Academy and Girls Who Code, for the next five years. The remaining $2.5 million of the Madden Legacy Commitment will be donated to the United Negro College Fund for the creation of the EA Madden Scholarship. EA Sports executive vice president/GM Cam Weber said in a statement,” Coach Madden was a lifelong believer in the importance of education and we’re privileged to support these amazing organizations that are creating opportunities for the next generation to pursue their dreams in his honor.” Madden 23 is set to release August 19 2022.