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As summer travel season approaches, people are wanting to take time off and enjoy the holidays/weekends with family and friends. However, the cost of flying is skyrocketing due to fewer flights, more passengers, and historically high gasoline prices. Over the last year, the cost of flights has risen more than 35%. Scott’s Cheap Flights senior flight expert Willis Orlando, says there are still deals available for travelers looking to getaway for Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, or even if they simply just want to get away. They just have to be flexible.

Orlando say, “With a little bit of flexibility, we have seen extraordinary deals for summertime, even around these holidays. But what you need to do is remember: Flying slightly off-peak can often save you hundreds. So, consider flying out for the Fourth of July weekend on Wednesday or Thursday, for example, instead of flying out on Friday. Or consider flying back on Tuesday.” Another way travelers can save money on flights is potentially flying out of Flint or Lansing instead of the Detroit Metro Airport. Travelers may also want to consider doing a search for two one-way tickets as opposed to one round-trip ticket before you purchase your tickets. Orlando also says, “Very often, not always, but very often, you’ll find you can save yourself 10%, 20% or even more on the roundtrip fare by booking two one-ways instead. You can often save a good chunk of change just by doing this 10-second check on Google, or Kayak or what have you.

When you want to cancel a flight or find a better deal before taking off, you can still get a full refund or a reduced fare. According to Orlando, “As long as you’re booking at regular economy or higher, and know that in the future if that fare drops, you’ll be in a position where you can cancel that first ticket, take a voucher with the airline in most cases, buy the new ticket and have a little something left over to spend with the airline — whether it’s for baggage, drinks on board or for another ticket in the future.”

Flying this summer is possible Detroit, just might take a little more time and effort to find an affordable ticket.