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The Lions 2022 schedule has been released, that said, their are some bright spots about the schedule and also some disappointing factors about the schedule that has fans kind of upset. I will highlight some of the pros and cons of the lions upcoming 2022 schedule.

Lets began with the pros. 2021 was a tough start to the season for the Lions. 2022 seems to be much different. Before the Lions week 6 bye week, the Lions play the Eagles, Commanders, Vikings, Seahawks, and Patriots. Given the quarterback situation of those teams, Detroit could start strong. Does anyone else hate it when the Lions don’t play until 4:25 on Sundays? Well this season you wont have to worry about that. The Lions will play a total of fifteen 1 p.m. games with one 12:30p.m. game on Thanksgiving. Another pro to the Lions schedule is that they will mostly not play in the snow. The Lions are mostly at home in the month of December, with the exception of a Week 18 at Lambeau and a few game down south. Finally, the end of the season wont be too bad for the Lions. The Lions will play the Jaguars, Vikings, Jets, Panthers, Bears and of course the Packers to end the season.

Amon-Ra St Brown

(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

Now lets get to the cons. First, the Lions have no prime time games this season. While we all understand why, every other team in the league has a prime time game and the Lions are the only team in the league without one. Seems a bit unfair if you ask me. Next fans are not happy that the Lions will host the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving. The Bills are one of the best teams in the league, and potentially a Super Bowl contender and they tend to beat up on their opponents pretty bad. Not the ideal team to face on Turkey Day if your a Lions fan. Finally, after a nice year off from it in 2021, the Lions got an early bye week again this year with bye week coming in Week 6. No team wants an early bye week due to the fact that injuries usually start to occur after the first month or two of the season and seeing as how the Lions have a tough stretch of games during the middle of the season, playing teams like Cowboys, Dolphins, Packers and Bears, one would hope to get a nice needed break during that stretch. Unfortunately that wont happen this season. So, fans must just remain hopeful the team stays healthy.

At the end of it all, on paper, the Lions seem to match up fairly well with the opponents listed. We are all just hoping for more wins this season than last season.