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While officials investigate the beating of a bouncer at a bar, a Detroit police officer has been taken off the streets. The bouncer,  Michael Kennebrew says he interacts with police fairly often and that he even has some friends that are officers. However, what he witnessed changed his perception of the police and he did not expect it to happen like this. A Vice Squad officer of the Detroit Police Department beat up Kennebrew as a Project Greenlight camera caught the entire incident.

Kennebrew released a statement saying, “I mean you kind of feel like your hands are tied, and it’s a little demoralizing – just as a person in general, to go through something like that.” The beating at Minnie’s downtown Detroit last Thursday was unprovoked and uncalled for, Kennebrew says. Apparently, the vice officers were at the club to inspect its liquor license. According to Kennebrew, the officer asked him if he was armed, and he replied that he wasn’t. When she tries to grab him, Kennebrew pulls away. As a result, the officer next to her pounced on Kennebrew and began punching him repeatedly. “Another officer had a Taser that was in front of me coming towards my face area, so I didn’t want to make any moves,” Kennebrew said. “So I just rode it out until it was over.” Police arrested Kennebrew, jailed him, and held him for nearly three days as DPD investigated a charge of assaulting a police officer. Fortunately, they didn’t get it.

Detroit police are investigating the situation. FOX 2 reports that insufficient evidence led to the dismissal of an assault charge against a police officer.

Video shows bouncer beaten by Detroit police vice squad officer

A bouncer is considering pursuing legal action after he says Detroit police used excessive force - and says he has the video to prove it.