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Tired of getting your mother or the mother of your children the same old gift for Mother’s Day? Want to “spice” things up a bit? Get things “cooking” this holiday? Well KFC is offering a Kentucky Fried Buckquet for Mother’s Day this year. Customers can create a bouquet that is half flowers and half fried chicken with this DIY floral arrangement. KFC will offer the Kentucky Fried Buckquet in partnership with Proflowers from May 1 to 3 to anyone who orders a KFC Sides Lover Meal via the KFC mobile app or

Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer for KFC U.S., stated, “A regular bouquet of flowers is a good gift for mom, but a Sides Lovers Meal and Kentucky Fried Buckquet is a finger lickin’ good way to take Mother’s Day from a 10 to an 11. “With three sides, four buttery biscuits and the unforgettable — truly — fried chicken and flower table decoration, everybody is sure to get something they like to eat, and mom is sure to smile.”

In spite of its odd nature, KFC explains that Mother’s Day is one of the chain’s biggest sales days of the year, moving almost 400,000 buckets, and it is also the chain’s biggest day for online ordering and delivery. If you’re getting KFC on Mother’s Day anyway, why not preorder a Sides Lover Meal and get your flowers for free? You’d be killing two birds with one stone (no pun intended) Chicken lovers, here s a way to get your mother, wife, grandmother and whom ever else loves chicken from KFC a hot meal and a beautiful arrangement of flowers.