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A new study conducted by Talker suggests that children may be just as stressed as their parents, according to In their recent survey of 2,000 American parents, 68% said their children have been faced with significant mental and emotional challenges. Things like returning to classrooms (44%), adapting to remote/online learning (38%), and grieving the loss of loved ones (28%). Most of the respondents believe that their children’s mental health is being negatively impacted due to fact that children are/were missing out on important life milestones, such as attending graduation ceremonies, birthday parties and outdoor actives with classmates.

Since the start of the pandemic, adults have reported high levels of stress and mental decline, but children often get lost in the discussion. According to the report, parents have definitely noticed a change in their children. Fortunately, many parents did not hesitate to seek professional help for their children. Parents top reasons for seeking therapy for their child were their child’s lack of socialization (47%), showing signs of depression or anxiety (45%) or losing interest in their favorite activities (40%).

If you feel like your child is experiencing high levels of stress or you notice significant changes in your child’s behavior please seek out professional help immediately.