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(Photo Illustration by Thiago Prudencio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The Detroit Pistons have partnered with Zelle to offer educational resources to young adults in an effort to address the financial literacy deficit. According to Click on 4 Detroit, Zelle, an online payment network, is interested in helping Detroiters learn key financial concepts and principles that can help them keep their money and identity safe. Zelle, along with help from In  EVERFI, created a free digital course for high schoolers called Money Moves: Modern Banking and Identity Protection. The program is designed to teach them the basics of banking and how to protect themselves from identity theft and fraud. According to Alexis Castorina, who is the head of consumer education at Zelle, about 100,000 students are already taking this online course.

Alexis Castorina released a statement saying, “Financial education is the foundation to prosperity. We created two programs with the Pistons called ‘Invest in Yourself’ and ‘Protect What Matters’ to empower the Detroit community with information on how modern banking works.” Castorina said after learning about Zelle’s financial education work and the Money Matters course, the Pistons wanted to get involved at the local level. Shortly after, the Pistons partnered with Zelle to create videos showcasing the players’ experiences with money management and digital banking safety which feature Pistons players like Isiah Stewart and Rodney McGruder.

Detroit if want to become more fiscally responsible please make sure to check out these videos and programs