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For eight season the hit day-time television series ‘The Real’ has been captivating its audience with its spicy topics, juicy interviews, exhilarating games and of course the back and fourth banter amongst the hosts. After eight season could it all be coming to an end? Host Loni Love, whos been with the show since season one, took to her twitter page to share her thoughts. She tweeted, “I got a call from the studio…no official decision has been made about The Real…I will be ok but please give grace to the 150 crew members this may affect…we will finish Season 8 and wait for official word.”

After word of Nick Cannon’s day time television show getting canceled last week, fans began to wonder if The Real would be next. In addition to Nick Cannon’s show getting canceled, the Wendy Williams and Ellen Degeneres shows will be ending this year as well. Seems like a fair amount of daytime television series will been coming to an end in 2022 lets hope ‘The Real’ isn’t next.