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Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s annual State of the City address will be today Wednesday, March 9th at the General Motors Factory ZERO plant. This will be mayor Duggan’s ninth city address since being named mayor of Detroit. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the event will be presented virtually, but viewers can stream it online in a multitude of ways. The speech will began around 7p.m., but the stream will start at 6:30, so that everyone attending may introduce properly.

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Conrad Mallett, Deputy Mayor of Detroit, says the State of the City address is an annual event designed to let residents “feel good” about the city happenings. According to Mallett, Duggan is expected to cover his themes of eliminating blight, expanding jobs and education, and discussing affordable housing and entrepreneurship, among others. Mallett released a statement to the public saying, “We are still working diligently to transform the city. To move us from this community that feels gray and stuck in some weird blight-filled movie, to a different phase where people begin to understand we are confronting our past eyesores in a very organized manner.” Duggan has promised to eliminate blight in four years since winning reelection in November, however when asked about whether it will be realistic for blight to be removed in that amount of time, Mallett responded no, and said, “I do think we are going to make substantial progress. We’ve got to continue to excite the economic recovery of our citizens so that there is increased ability on the part of homeowners to maintain more properly the properties they own, and create more opportunity for our renters to own.”  Detroit, make sure you tune in tonight to hear Mayor Duggan speech.