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There’s just something special about going out for a a piping hot, tasty breakfast at your favorite local establishment. Whether it’s pancakes and syrup or a delicious omelet, going out to breakfast is the perfect way to start a day. Thankfully, Michigan has lots of great breakfast spots all over the state to enjoy.

Now, one popular Michigan breakfast spot, which is actually one of the most famous in the state, is reopening after a nearly two year hiatus. I’ve personally been to this restaurant many times, and one of my best friends used to work there in college.

Golden Harvest in Old Town, Lansing, has officially reopened its doors. The owners announced the good news on Facebook earlier this week, stating, “So hey.. we are back! Tonight we are gonna be throwing down stuffed grilled cheese with homemade tomato soup and home fries. Also have a really good bruschetta grilled cheese. Sure have missed everybody.” They also shared a photo of the menu, which you can see here.

Golden Harvest reopened at night, which was special for the restaurant, which is usually only open early morning into the afternoon. As for permanent hours, the restaurant also took to Facebook to address that, stating, “…last night was such a blast…thank you so much to everyone who came out for some late night grilled cheese madness, it was so good to see your beautiful faces and be able to feed ya again. We are currently in the process of figuring out regular hours and a menu, but in the meantime, we will be doing more late night pop ups of all kinds of crazy stuff…so keep an eye on our Facebook page for future updates!” I’m happy to see Golden Harvest back and ready to serve up tasty breakfast cuisine to Michiganders.

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