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Each year, we get new slang terms to use and try to figure out. I mean, how many times have you been talking with someone, and they mention a word that you’ve never heard of before- or, at least, never heard in that context? Yes, slang terms can be puzzling, and now there’s a whole study about it.

The staff at im-a-puzzle.com has researched to find out the most popular slang term in each state. “Whether it’s overhearing a conversation or seeing it written online, it’s no surprise many current slang terms are puzzling for a lot of Americans,” they state. “The most confusing terms differ across the US, but one thing is for certain, people are turning to Google for help when trying to read through social media posts that feel like doing a puzzline online.”

Their analysis uncovered the 55 most searched slang terms across America. So, what’s on the top of Michiganders’ minds? According to the study, the most searched slang term in Michigan is “bet.” According to the study’s key, bet, in slang, means, “A term of agreement and approval.” I never would have guessed that would be Michigan’s top slang term. Find the full list of the most searched slang terms in America here.

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