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The highly anticipated “Amplify: The Sound of Detroit,” Completion show is finally airing this Thursday Jan 27. at 7pm on YouTube and channel 900 for viewers with Comcast Cable and will be hosted by WDIV-TV’s Morning Anchor and friend of the Mason and Angie Starr Morning Show, Evrod Cassimy. This is the fourth edition of the show and it was taped back in November at Cliff Bell’s in Detroit. The final round of the competition will feature 10 diverse singers taking on classic Motown songs. Cash prizes, studio time, and mentorship opportunities will be on the line. The grand prize winner will also get to perform at festivals such as Arts, Beats & Eats and River Days, which are sponsored by Pepsi.

The judging panel includes the Miracles’ Claudette Robinson, artist manager Toya Hankins and producer-songwriter and founder of new Detroit record label Wrkshp Che Pope, were all on hand at Cliff Bell’s. The show is about 90 minuets and details how the judges were able to winnowed down 100 submissions to 52 and ultimately 10. Robin Terry, CEO and chairwoman of the Motown Museum said, “Artist development was the cornerstone of Motown. That was the way Berry Gordy took raw talents and transformed them into superstars. So we were very intentional about creating experiences for these emerging singers that not only can help them advance their careers but help them evolve as artists.”

Terry believes that “Amplify” is really going to showcase Detroit artist in a big way. He believes that the type of artist growth and development they were looking for when the first decided to create “Amplify” is on display throughout the show. Terry released a statement saying, “Seeing the way ‘Amplify’ has evolved, the level of talent, the level of the production — all of that is just positive growth,” and what it confirmed for us is that the months we poured into artist development for this emerging talent paid off. It made a difference. It showed up in their performances, their comfort levels and just their appreciation for the ‘Amplify’ experience.” Detroit, make sure you tune in Thursday at 7pm on YouTube.