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Who doesn’t love a flavorful, piping-hot cup of coffee in the morning? I’m actually a decaf girl, but I love my decaf coffee morning, noon and night. Thankfully, Michigan has a collection of fantastic coffee shops throughout the state. So, when it comes to that cup of java, how much does it actually cost in Michigan?

Cash Net USA has conducted a study to find out the cost of a cup of coffee in Michigan. According to the study, “Our World Coffee Index 2021 highlighted the cost of coffee in every country in the world, but this time we wanted to shift our focus to the United States exclusively. So, we used Menuwithprice.com to gather the prices of over 10,000 coffee shops across 2,500 cities in the US.”

So, how much will a cup of coffee cost you in Michigan? According to Cash Net USA, a cup of java will cost you about $1.77 in Michigan. That’s among the cheapest coffee in the entire country! It appears only a few states have cheaper coffee than us, according to the study, so caffeine addicts can be thankful for that. In comparison, in Washington State, the average cup of coffee will run $3.46. That’s a huge difference. Check out the full study here.

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