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Photographer: Laura McDermott/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The city of Detroit has a new city council President. Congratulations to Mary Sheffield. She was sworn in Tuesday and appointed council president for the next 4 years by a vote of 7-2. Sheffield has been on council since 2013 and served as president pro tem. Sheffield released a statement saying, “First and foremost, I’d like to give honor to God for ordering my steps and giving me the ability and fortitude to walk in my purpose. To my colleagues who so graciously entrusted me with the awesome responsibility of presiding over this body which has the sacred duty of protecting the interest of the residents of our great City, I extend my sincere gratitude for your support. I would like to also thank everyone who took the opportunity to encourage me to pursue the Office of City Council President and offered prayers, their counsel and assistance. It meant the world to hear your expressions of confidence in my ability to lead.” Sheffield also stated that, “As we navigate through COVID- just bear with me, but I’m looking forward to the conversations and also want to thank the citizens of Detroit for electing me for another term to serve. We may not always agree, but I can guarantee each and every one of you that there will always be a line of communication and that our No. 1 goal is that we continue to move the city forward.” Detroit help us welcome in our new President Mary Sheffield.