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There’s something inspiring about looking at a colorful, beautiful mural in the heart of a busy city. I love that sort of thing, and it always makes for a good photo opportunity. As it turns out, one Michigan city has some of the most beautiful murals in America.

The crew at Rent.com recently did a study to find 10 cities with some of the most beautiful murals in the U.S. They looked at murals and cities throughout the country to determine the best, and Michigan is among them.

According to the study, Detroit has some of the most beautiful murals around. I agree!

“Typically, the first thing that comes to mind about the city of Detroit is its deep ties to the auto industry — this is how it developed its nickname ‘Motor City,’ after all,” they state in the study. “However, modern-day Detroit is a canvas for public art — inspired by the artists that continue flocking to this Midwestern city. Just like with the auto industry, Detroit also has deep roots in murals. In fact, in 1932, the Detroit Institute of Art commissioned Diego Rivera to paint murals on the D.I.A.’s Garden Court.”

They recommend hitting Eastern Market and the two-mile, below-street level greenway Dequindre Cut, as well as the Z Parking Garage. They also recommend heading to the Grand River Creative Corridor. Find the full list of cities with beautiful murals here.

There’s Lots to Appreciate About Michigan:

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