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The holiday season has come and gone. Both Christmas and Thanksgiving were days that most people cooked up some of their best dishes for family, friends and even themselves to enjoy. We all know how delicious those leftovers from the holiday can be, but now we must throw whatever was not eating during Christmas and the day after away. Experts say that leftovers from the holiday are only good for about three to four days after its been cooked. Most people say that the day after the food is cooked is when the food tastes the best and there may be some truth to that, however according to the CDC, food poisoning due to Clostridium perfringens bacteria occurs most frequently in the months of  November and December. Lisa Yakas,  a senior project manager at NSF International, told USA today that “Food-borne illnesses are no joke.” So, for your safety please remember to throw away food that was left out over night and/or not properly refrigerated and please don’t not eat on those leftovers for weeks.