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Many Michigan athletic programs are coming together to honor the Oxford community and assist those affected by the high school shooting. Interim athletic director for Royal Oak Schools, Brain Gordon, said that a number of athletic directors from all over Oakland County met at Oxford High School the morning after the tragedy and ever since he’s been thinking about ways to help. Gordon, along with the Oakland Activities Association, Kensington Lakes Activities Association and Detroit Catholic High School League have organized/teamed up with E.A. Graphics to create and sell “Oxford Strong” shirts and sweatshirts. 80 percent of the proceeds will go to those affected by the Oxford High School shooting.

(Photo by Emily Elconin/Getty Images)

Gordon released a statement saying, “It’s about standing up together to combat school violence.” A spokesperson from MHSAA Communications, Geoff Kimmerly, also weighed in saying that “E.A. Graphics in Sterling Heights is our merchandise partner. They do all the shirts and things like that for our tournament events. Way before we were involved, they had already stepped in and said we would love to print as much as we can to be part of some sort of fundraising effort.” The apparel went on sale on Monday, and by Tuesday morning E.A. President Bob Artymovich said they had received 300 orders from across the country. According to Click on, the plan is for everyone to wear the shirts on February 4, 2022 a day when multiple high school sporting events are said to take place. There is also a plan for multiple school districts across Michigan to wear “Oxford Strong” apparel throughout events in the month of  February as well.