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The Detroit Police Department is making some huge changes to their towing system after scandal has them in hot water. According to Click on 4 Detroit, the towing scandal has taken down multiple members of city council , police officers and towing company owners. Detroit Police Chief James White said, “This has been an ongoing problem in the city, in the department, for many, many years.” White believes that “a new system will prevent further corruption.”

According to White, the current system has led to multiple police officers taking bribes. These officers were told steer towers to specific towing companies for money. For example, people like Lt. John Kennedy, who at the time was working in internal affairs, was allegedly accepting bribes to favor specific towing companies over others. This corruption, hurt many Detroiters. Officers said some towers were charging towing prices so outrageous that many people were unable to get their vehicles back. Chief White said “Some of the things that have happened are inexcusable. Those responsible are being held accountable. Those who have been charged will get their day in court.”

(Photo credit should read Mykola Miakshykov / Ukrinform/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

As a result of the unjust towing, there is an app being developed so that people who are in need of a towing service are able to reach one, however residents must still be aware and  protect themselves from overcharges or any other type of wrongdoing. When asked about the app, Chief white said, “So the citizen will have the ability to download the app on their phone, much like when you call an Uber. The Uber, or Lyft, will be preselected and sent to you. If that one can’t make it then the system will select another tower.” Detroit, what are you thoughts on the towing scandal?