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Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig has become the talk of the town as he strides to become Michigan’s next governor in 2022, but his decision to run as a Republican and some recent shenanigans have Detroiters torn on whether or not they should vote for the former police chief.

On Tuesday, protesters attended his rally on Belle Isle and chanted that the former chief is “full of hate.” Craig believes that the protesters were “paid protesters” and that in some way, shape, or fashion, current Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is a Democrat, had something to do with law enforcement not responding to those protesters. Later, Craig was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program and doubled down on these statements calling it substantial misconduct, however the governor’s office responded to his accusations claiming that they are indeed false.

In a separate interview, Craig accused the DNR of failing to take the necessary steps/precautions to protect him and his campaign team from the protestors on Belle Isle. “This group had the potential to become violent.” said Craig. “The DNR knew about the potential for protests yesterday, I’m told. … They indicated they were going to come and move the protesters back,” that never happened. So it makes me wonder if it was by design.”

Detroit, what are you thoughts on James Craig?