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Congratulations to two Detroit favorites’ Ben Wallace and Chris Webber, both were inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame over the weekend. Chris Webber a five time NBA all star, who is best known for his time at Detroit Country Day and at the University Of Michigan and being part of the notorious Fab Five. Ben Wallace, who in his time with the Pistons, became a four time NBA All-Star and a man known for being a defensive stud during his championship run with the Detroit Pistons in ’04, is now one of the greatest centers to play in the NBA. Both are now cemented with the basketball legends forever.

(Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

During his hall of fame speech, Wallace spoke about the importance of defense in the NBA and how there aren’t enough guys in the NBA getting credit for the work they’re putting in on the defensive end of the floor. Wallace, who is a four time Defensive Player Of The Year award winner and a five time member of the NBA All Defensive First Team said, “It’s time for people to start recognizing the defensive end of the floor. Defensive guys put in a lot of work and they don’t get a lot of credit.”

(Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)

Webber, who won NBA Rookie of the Year in ’94 then later become a member of the All NBA First Team, had a tremendous run with the Sacramento Kings from ’98-’05 before becoming a member of the Philadelphia 76ers and a brief stint with his home town Detroit Piston before ultimately returning with the team that drafted him, the Golden State Warriors. During his interview with ESPN Webber said ” I always thought that I would be blessed enough, lucky enough, to be a Hall of Famer. I thought the résumé showed that, but no one is entitled to that. So every year [I didn’t get in] it would hurt, and the main focus that I focused on was [to not] focus on who went in the Hall of Fame that year. For a while, it was keeping blinders on. Don’t think about it, stay into work.”

Detroit, help us congratulate these two Detroit legends as they are now a part of basketball royalty forever.