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On Saturday morning the life of a one year old baby was saved thanks to the 5th Precinct Detroit Police Department. Selvyn, is the name of the little girl that was rushed to the station barely breathing and unresponsive at 7:30 a.m. Sgt. Kevin Treasvant was the first to help the family with the unresponsive one year old. He first checked for signs of life on the toddler then immediately began chest compressions trying to help the child regain consciousness.

Anti-Trump Protesters Demonstrate In Detroit

(Photo by Elaine Cromie/Getty Images)

After they tried reviving the child with compressions, Officer Ruiz-Cruz and Officer McCombs rushed her to a nearby St. John’s Hospital while multiple police units cleared the roadways and blocking traffic in order for them to get through as swiftly as possible. When they arrived at the hospital, emergency room personnel provided medical care for the 1-year-old, who ultimately survived. Detroit Police Chief James E. White said that, “These officers are true heroes, this is another shining example of extraordinary service that so many members of the Detroit Police Department display each and every day.” Thank you to those brave officers of the 5th Precinct Detroit Police Department.