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Richard Wershe Jr. aka White Boy Rick, will be portrayed by non other the Detroit’s own Eminem in the new 50 Cent BMF series on Starz. Wershe recently spoke with TMZ saying, “Of course, it’s Eminem so that’s an honor to have him portray me in a series,” he said. “He was actually one of the first people that was looking at doing the movie about me. So it’s pretty cool that later down the line, he gets to take on this role. You know, before this all came about, if you look at my Instagram, I wore a ‘Free Big Meech’ shirt home before this was even in the works, so I’ve always been a supporter of his. I don’t believe anybody should get 30 years for a non-violent crime.”

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(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

The news of Eminem portraying Wershe was announced Tuesday via long time fiend and business partner 50 Cent’s Instagram. Eminem is set to appear during episode seven of the series which is said to be about drug and money laundering for Black Mafia Family’s organization.

In his interview with TMZ, Wershe was asked about what pointers and tips he gave Eminem in order for him to really nail being White Boy Rick, his response, “I don’t think I have to tell him anything at all. He’s a professional. Everything he does, he does very well. His music speaks for itself. He’s an icon, he’s a legend. This for him will be a small thing. I think he’ll kill it whatever he does, man. I’m a fan. It’s an honor to have him do it. He’s a Detroit legend, I have a huge name here. So, from one Detroiter to another, just kill it.” Detroit, are you excited for the new BMF series on Starz?