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On Tuesday, Gov’ Whitmer vetoed a republican bill that would ultimately end the extra $300 supplement that is given to people who file for unemployment benefits. If Gov’ Whitmer had signed the bill, the change would not have taken effect immediately, therefore giving claimant’s a few extra weeks of receiving the $300 benefit. Gov’ Whitmer said that the bill would have violated federal law by ending the payment without a 30 day notice. In addition, the legislation would’ve not have taken effect until 2022 anyway.

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The extra $300 payment is said to end on September 4th under federal law. The GOP, however wanted to terminate it as early as July 31. They believe that the extra money is discouraging people from returning to the workforce. Gov’ Whitmer had been working on a deal with lawmakers that would end the enhanced benefit early, but simultaneously she wanted to increase Michigan’s maximum benefit. So instead of claimant’s receiving $362 a week , they would receive $422 a week. This would have added $425 million to the unemployment trust fund, however talks of this rise began to fade in June.

Gov’ Whitmer said another reason for her decision to veto the bill was that she believed ending UI benefits on July 31, would drain about $1.5 billion from our economy. Something the state of Michigan can not afford right now.