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A Victorica Secret employee by the name of  Abigail Elphick, was caught on camera attempting to strike a customer while they were shopping. The video was caught on camera by the shopper who’s name is Ijeoma Ukenta. In the video Elphick is seen chasing Ukenta around the store screaming and crying before having a meltdown in front of everyone.

The video takes place at Short Hills Mall, in New Jersey. Apparently, Ukenta was browsing Victoria Secret,  decided she was ready to check out when Elphick cut in front of her, moving her out of the way. Ukenta then took out her phone and started to record Elphick. At the beginning of the video, Elphick is seen attempting to take a swing at Ukenta. When she notices Ukenta is recording, she then begins to cry and eventually falls to the floor, it what appears to be her “fainting.” Ukenta continues to record hoping for mall security and or the police to show up. Later on in the video, Elphick charges at Ukenta again screaming take her phone tell her to stop recording me.

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(Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret )

According to TMZ, Mallburn Police Department says it was actually Elphick who initially called them, and whom the officers first spoke to when they first arrived at the Victoria’s Secret. They said that Elphick told them she was having a panic attack due to Ukenta recording her and that she was afraid she would lose her job.

When Ukenta finally spoke to the police, she told them she was recording to protect herself from false accusations from Elphick. Ukenta has also filed a complaint against the officers who arrived to handle the situation, due to the fact that she feels like she was not protected. The officers did not remove Elphick from the scene and even though there was video evidence of Elphick lunging at her, Mallburn Police say there was no legal precedent to remove Elphick based on the circumstances. Detroit, what do you think of this situation?

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